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Re: towing - dropping drive shaft?

To: "Geroge D. Cobb Jr." <>
Subject: Re: towing - dropping drive shaft?
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 20:16:50 -0500
  EEEEHAAAAAA!!!!!!  Here we go again!  On this team we have.....

  CHarley Robinson
  '69 B  (towed 3K miles w/driveshaft IN last fall)

"Geroge D. Cobb Jr." wrote:
> Hey list,
>         I am moving some distance (550 miles) and am going to have to tow two
> MG's.  I am going to move one early (verses have to move 4 cars at a
> time) and was going to use a tow dolly (two front wheels off ground with
> rear wheels on ground).  The reantal place told me I needed to drop the
> drive shaft.  My question is WHY?  Why does the drive shaft need to be
> dropped verses putting the thing in neutral?  For give my ignorance if
> this is a dumb question.
> Thanks
> Don
> or
> 1980 MGB
> 1977 MGB

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