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Re: Loud Clicking

To: Rick Sinclair <>
Subject: Re: Loud Clicking
From: Carl French <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:03:14 -0400
Rick Sinclair wrote:
> Hi all you listers,
>     I have a '68 MGB that my parents bought for $100 about 15 years
> ago. I am 14, and my dad said I could have it when I am old enough to
> drive. Anyway, we are fixing it up, and have hit a snag. When we turn
> the key, there is a loud clicking noise. Dad thought it was the
> solenoid, but now we are not so sure. Can anyone help me?
 If the clicking is when you turn the key one turn and not to the actual
start position you might find it to be the fuel pump in back getting
primed. It is a bit unnerving until you figure it out. Listen to where
the noise is coming from and let us know more.
Carl F
67 B

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