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Re: overheating-HELP!

To: Michael Jose <>
Subject: Re: overheating-HELP!
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:24:49 -0700
Word on the street is that Michael Jose said:
> My new B is overheating like a crazy car.
> Every time I drive it, the temp gauge slowly creeps up, and by and by,
> it gets up *almost* to the red.  The couple times it did get in the red,
> I let cool off.  It won't always stay up, either.  The gauge will go
> back down, especially when I get it on a long, fast drive with some wind
> going under the bonnet.  After the temp. is up for a while, the oil
> gauge also starts to drop.  I have checked the hoses, and replaced the
> radiator to overflow hose, because it was leaking- topped off the
> coolant, etc.  The top radiator hose gets hot, so the thermostat is
> opening.  What else could I be missing?  The fans work, too. (this is a
> '79)

Have you checked the plugs after you have one of these heat episodes? Maybe 
you are running very lean.  Or, perhaps your timing is completely out
of whack.  I had my timing severely retarded at one point and was having
temperature problems.


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