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Towing Warning (Was Dropping Drive Shaft)

Subject: Towing Warning (Was Dropping Drive Shaft)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 09:37:14 EDT
Mike Jose wrote:

Subject: dropping drive shaft

I am not quite caught up on the digests, so sorry if someone else has
said this. I always thought this question had a simple answer.
If the car is front-wheel drive, tow it facing forward, with the front
wheels off the ground. If the car is rear-wheel drive (like an MGB), tow it 
facing backward, with the rear wheels off the ground.
This way, only the "free-wheeling" wheels are on the ground, doing what
they do best, "free-wheeling"!
Hope this makes sense.
Now stop arguing!
Mike Jose
Phoenix AZ

DO NOT DO THIS WITH A WIRE WHEEL CAR! Towing a wire wheel car backwards will 
cause the knockoffs to loosen and spin off.

I quote David Deutsch, towing professional - 
If you have wire wheels or Minilites with knockoffs, NEVER allow the car to 
be lifted from the rear and towed with the front wheels on the ground. 
Knock-offs are designed to tighten while travelling forward and consequently 
will loosen while going in reverse.

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, Illinois USA

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