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Re: Won't start. Was: Dead Coil?

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Subject: Re: Won't start. Was: Dead Coil?
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:18:59 -0400
At 09:12 AM 4/21/99 -0300, Jones, Mark wrote:
>Your right.  Now that I have read through the Haynes manual it is easier to
>check the coil in the car as one of the steps in checking the ignition
>Maybe I should start from the beginning of the story:
>Start the car Sunday afternoon as easily as normal.  Drive a mile and it
>dies, the engine just quits.  I roll to a stop and try to start it.  It
>cranks over fine but no fire.  I have fuel and I hear the pump running.  I
>let is sit for about 5 minutes and then try starting it again.  The car
>starts with a bit of extra cranking.  I drive another 500 ft and it quits
>again.  I again try cranking it over with out luck.  I walk home to get the
>truck and tow rope and return within about an hour.  I again try starting
>the car and it does start but I need to give it full throttle to keep it
>running.  I turn the car off and tow it home and there it sits.  It won't
>start at all now.  I have checked to see that the carb is receiving fuel and
>it is, but maybe it is not enough volume, I don't know.  My next step is to
>follow the procedure in my Haynes manual to check the ignition system.  Does
>anyone have any other suggestions?  Maybe an intermittent short?
>Thanks in advance for your input.
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Just a suggestion. Had same problem with my MGA. It drove me crazy. I
replaced the entire ignition system. Finally determined it was fuel
starvation. I cleaned all the fuel filters at the carbs and in the pump.
Still no go. Finally discovered the the DPO had added inline fuel filter
between the fuel tank and the pump. Replaced the filter( $2.98) and never a
problem since.  Check to see if the pump gets hot after awhile.  Maybe a
long shot but eliminate the possibity. 


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