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Re: Wanted: TR-6

To: Michael Graziano <>
Subject: Re: Wanted: TR-6
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:43:41 -0700
Word on the street is that Michael Graziano said:
> A friend of mine is dying for a pre-75 TR-6 in the NYC area.  Don't know why
> he chose a pre'75 (or a TR-6 for that matter).  If anyone has any leads on
> one in the area that may be up for sale,  I'd appreciate the info.  As he is
> not yet a brit car lunatic/mechanic/owner,  he doesn't know what things to
> look for in a TR-6.  Neither do I other than the obvious carry overs from MG
> land i.e rust and Lucas.  Does anyone know of any "How to buy a TR-6" FAQs
> out there?

Check out the VTR


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