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Re: Noise from engine compartment

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Subject: Re: Noise from engine compartment
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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:09:29 -0500
   This is pure speculation....  It sounds like something is spinning on
after the engine stops turning for a couple of seconds.  It also sounds like
it's something that isn't supposed to turn.  Do you had a water pump pulley
with dual grooves to drive the air pump and no air pump?  Somewhere I heard
that some of these were stamped pieces that were pressed/riveted together.
It could be that the unused pulley is spinning on the shaft after it heats
up and expands a little.
  Just another SWAG.
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Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 4:26 PM
Subject: RE: Noise from engine compartment

>The alternator fan fouling the alt body? Is there a bearing in there that's
>dying and as it lets go the belt tension is pulling the fan/pulley out of
>alignment? The fan (I'm talkin' engine fan now) may be fouling the shroud a
>bit, but I would expect that to make a godawful noise audible at all times.
>Good description of the sound, BTW.
>Phil Vanner
>Mk1 Midget
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>Subject: Noise from engine compartment
>Hello All,
>Yesterday afternoon I pulled into my drive way, shut off my '77 MGB and
>noticed a sound like a table saw makes when the power is shut off (kind of
>a slinnngggg chang chang chang). I thought something might be fouling one
>of the pulleys. I popped the hood and found nothing. I started the car up
>and shut it off sound. This morning after driving the car 10
>minutes, maybe, I shut it off and the sound was there, just muted. Again
>this afternoon, after driving for about 10 min., I shut the car off, it
>ran-on or dieseled for a couple seconds and the sound was more chunky. The
>alternator is not loose and the fan pulley is not loose. What could this
>sound be?
>'77 B
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