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MGA 1500 Engine FS - Chicago

Subject: MGA 1500 Engine FS - Chicago
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 11:28:00 EDT
The Sports Car Store, a repair facility in Chicago has closed it's doors 
after 20 years. Their closeout sale was last weekend. I stopped by yesterday 
to pick up a few odds and ends that were otherwise trash-bound. There is a 
1500 MGA engine for sale that was rebuilt some time ago and still has not 
been picked up by its owner. If it is not picked up this week Ken Kales, the 
shop's proprietor, wants to sell it for the $1500 rebuild bill due on it. All 
inquiries as to what is included and what work was done should be directed to 
Ken Kales at 773-276-1111.

I have no interest in this and all usual disclaimers and weasel words apply.

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, IL 

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