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Re: Best Carbs for MG??? What about the manifold?

To: Neil Cotty <>
Subject: Re: Best Carbs for MG??? What about the manifold?
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 15:00:43 -0500
  Looked at the pic.  Nice and neet.  The first thing I noticed about
the induction setup was the long tubes on the intake manifold.  What's
deal on that?  Ram effect in the midrange?   Better mixing? Both? 
Neither? ;^)

  The other thing that leaped out at me was the there seems to be a
heater core but no blower motor.  Extra cooling?



Neil Cotty wrote:
> Lawrie,
> Can we talk about inlet manifolds?! :)
> As SU manifolds are virtually straight shot into the siamese ports of the
> std B head, whereas a single Weber uses a bent manifold (long and short),
> what _tangible_ impact does this have on performance (airflow), both economy
> and power? Anything at all?
> If a Weber was choked to the same max. size as an SU what difference would
> there be? Would the bent manifold make it's impact felt in some way? There
> is no balance pipe (is there?), therefore I would *presume* that idle would
> be affected - ? I ask because I don't want to go to a single Weber (racing)
> because of the airflow issue, I realise Webers are more responsive, flow
> better (not inc. manifold) no piston etc, acceleration like an on/off
> switch - but I have read and heard that the bent manifold seriously
> interrupts the airflow - to the extent of making the better flowing Weber
> somewhat redundant on a std MGB head (but great on any 8 port head with dual
> webers).. A good example is a couple of local racers who are line ball with
> each other, one runs a 45 Weber, the other 1 3/4" SU's.. They choose only on
> personal preference, looks, setup etc and both agree that the differences
> are subtle, the SU's providing slightly more torque, the Weber slightly more
> power. Obviously length of the manifold alters this as well.
> On a std car, there is no way I'd buy a Weber. Simply because SU's are
> easier to maintain and setup for an amateur at home, only thing you can't do
> yourself (After 2 hrs watching Lawries rebuild video :) is rebush the
> bodies. They are also the correct Carb for an MG. I even think a single DCOE
> looks naff on that huge inlet manifold (oO.. in my opinion - nomex donned
> <G>) compared to a couple of SU's.. But I have to admit that two DCOE's on a
> XFlow head look *seriously* excellent... <G> Drooolll..
> If you don't believe me that SU's look good - take a look at this pic of
> dual HS6 carbs on a Vintage Racer:
> Flame suit donned, filtering enabled, bunker readied.... <G>
> Cheers,
> Neil.

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