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Re: no start 'B

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: no start 'B
From: Chuck Schaefer <>
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 19:12:57 -0500
One of the problems with the electronic ignitions, higher voltage coils and
wider plug gap is that the rest of the system also takes a higher stress. The
distributor cap & rotor were designed for the lower voltage system. When
tring to "distribute" the higher voltages, the cap has a hard time to keep
from arcing to other places than the proper ignition wire. This is especially
exaggerated when there is high humidity, as in a good rain.

Had this problem many years ago with a Mark 10 (i think) ignition system. It
was a CD ignition that still used the original points. When it wouldn't start
after a cold wet morning, turning it off and going back to the original
ignition configuration got it started every time.

Keep the cap and rotor in "excellent" shape with no dirt or grime on the
inside or out. This will reduce the problem.

I'll stick with the original ignition system for bothe my cars.

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