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Re: The rebuild budgrt

Subject: Re: The rebuild budgrt
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 02:03:21 GMT
>Has anyone, other than me, noticed that the amount of money you intended to
>spend on rebuilding your LBC is about two plus times, the amount you told
>your wife it would be?

I'll bet Nory, and Denise "I don't need no stinkin' husband" Thorpe,
haven't noticed that...;).  I haven't noticed it either, 'cause I don't
have a "ways and means committee" yet. I'm looking for a potential one,
though god knows I sometimes wonder why.

As far as personal estimates go, I've learned that almost all of these
projects take twice as much money and three times the amount of time
initially projected, so I correct my first guesstimate accordingly. My MG
is now over initial "WAG" budget but according to the corrected "SWAG"
figures, is right on schedule. The technical term for the conversion factor
to new figures is "Constant MG dollars" rather than normal dollars, and
"MOWOG hours" rather than the obsolescent standard, daylight savings, or
Zulu time. It's not that you are lying to your spouse, it's that she/he
doesn't understand the figures.

78 B

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