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Re: Labor Rates-Long (Was:Re: brake and clutch pedal bushings)

Subject: Re: Labor Rates-Long (Was:Re: brake and clutch pedal bushings)
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 02:30:34 GMT
>As to overcharging, I can't speak for other businesses but I do know that,
>after all these years of being in the trade, I can still look the guy in the
>mirror straight in the eye when I shave and not have any doubts that I'm
>dealing with an honest man.


I've never doubted that; someone who is in the business to fleece people
wouldn't spend so much time giving out free advice over the 'net. I in no
way meant to imply that your *not* charging $100/hr reflected poorly on
you. Much of the difference between your rates and Ed's I would sooner
attribute to overhead differences based on real estate prices, taxes, and
so on. I hope that people like you and Ed are repaid by the good will and
loyalty of your customers.


P.S. I hope you don't leave the list when your forty dollar SU rebuild and
tuning book gets published...;)

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