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Re: Supercharging a MGB

Subject: Re: Supercharging a MGB
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 22:33:08 EDT
        I know what you mean about the digest.  Whenever I respond it is
posted about 2 days after the original question.  Anyway, Judson built a
supercharger for the MGA, which has almost the same engine as the B.  It
must be possible to adapt the Judson to an MGB manifold.  I saw an
original Judson supercharger in Hemmings Motor News a while back for
$1000. (Wish I had bought it too.)  Good luck.

Parker Whiteway
57 MGA 

By the way, which suburb?  I'm from LaGrange.  Hope to see you around.

<<<<Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:06:24 PDT
From: "Rob Geskey" <>
Subject: Supercharging a MGB

Hello everyone,

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Rob Geskey and I live in the 
western suburbs of Chicago.  I own 3 1/2 MGBs, or is it that they own me?
am sure everyone also has that half one too.  Well anyway ...I do enjoy 
driving them.  I have been on the list for a few months now.  I must say
have enjoyed reading many of the topics and have been informed by some
had many smiles and chuckles over others.  It seems that since I get the 
digest, by the time I would maybe have some input, that it has already
given.  (Who knows... maybe one day I can help?..haha)

Now, to the point of this message.  Has anyone any experience installing
supercharger on a MGB engine?  If so, care to share any information about

the installation as well as your personal pros and cons by having one on 
your B?  It certainly seems to be the best way to go as opposed to
into a perfectly good very low mileage non oil leaking (17K) original
of a early 74 1/2 RBB convertible.  I could install it on one of my other

Bs, but figure this would be the best one for it due to low mileage and
  I think about 5 pounds of boost should do something for the car but not

enough to destroy the engine at the same time. Hmmmm... maybe time to
out the 4 speed for one of my overdrives soon too?  I hate to change too 
much on this car, it is in original condition at the moment, and I could 
always take off the supercharger and put the SUs back easily if needed,
then I have no plans on ever selling this one either, so maybe the 
transmission implant too....haha. Decisions... Decisions.

If there is interest on how my project goes, let me know and I will post
information I can and answer any questions concerning performance and
If not, I hope to enjoy the project and driving it anyway.

Ciao for now,

Rob (Keeper of Bs)
(69B convert w/od, 74 1/2B convert wanting to go faster and maybe a od?,
BGT, 72 BGT w/od aka The Rust Bucket)

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