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High Idle & Plugs

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: High Idle & Plugs
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 15:40:52 +1000
Hi all,

Quick question - I have my MGA running nicely now, car feels in good health,
no pinging, great idle and runs to 5500rpm (my self imposed limit!!) quickly
and smoothly (Sorry Barney but she won't take 20 degrees advance - not sure
why..!). I switched to NGK plugs on the weekend and found I had to retard
the timing a little as I was getting some minor pinging (Is that typical?) -
BP6ES. Now no pinging and car 'feels' better with the NGK's, maybe this is
in my head....! Plug colour looks good, no signs of overheating or richness.
BTW in the car park of KFC on the weekend she started running on three
cylinders! Oh god I thought what now, but somehow one of the plug leads had
seperated itself from it's clip that fits in the cap..! Easy fix.. but still
weird how it came loose.

Anyway - I have some of Hans' special built K&N type filtercharger air
filters fitted to the A. I can't seem to get the idle down to sub 1000rpm
before the idle adjusters bottom out. It's not really a problem but I would
prefer to get the idle down by a couple of hundred RPM. With the motor hot
it's running around 1100-950rpm and cold around 700-750rpm. Is it something
to do with the filters, ie drawing more air, the reason why I can't lower
the idle? I thought it could be too rich but the plugs don't appear to back
that up. The dwell is on spec, pretty solid within a degree at 60 degrees.
Do I have to run a different needle now? ie a #6 due to the filters?

'tanks muchly,
Neil Cotty - Sydney, Australia
1970 MG B GT        / 1961 MG A 1600 Mk1 / 1956 AH 100 BN2
GHD5UA200702G /  YGHN2 100102-1399 / BN2L-232789

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