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Subject: Buttonwillow
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 06:42:08 -0700
Hi all
My son and I went to the Buttonwillow
meet saturday and had a blast!! What
fun,we even got to drive on the track a
bit unfortunately there were so many
people on the track that didn't know how
to "drive the line" I never got above
60!They were all abunch of old ladies on
a sunday drive.The races were neat and
there was even a Pitts special that
The meal was great the weather was great
it was just GREAT!!!If youv'e never been
go next year I will and I'll stay the
whole weekend next time.There was  a lot
of good cars and one guy even had a new
Lotus Elise there All in all it was the
best brit meet I've been to.

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