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Re: When is Bowie Brit Car Day?

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Subject: Re: When is Bowie Brit Car Day?
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 12:59:31 -0400
>From Rt 50 between Washington DC and the Bay Bridge
take rt 3 south rt 197. Head west on 97. The last stop light before you 
reach rt 50 again...make aleft (head south) into the (residential area)
...don't know the strre name) 
the park is down about 1 mile on you right
can't miss it.
see ya' all there.

Paul Tegler
Twin 73' MGB GTs YB and OB
YB born 8/72 (Primrose Yellow) Yellow BGT
OB born 1/73 (Blaze Red) Orange BGT
North of Annapolis, South of Baltimore
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Date: Monday, May 03, 1999 1:44 PM
Subject: Re: When is Bowie Brit Car Day?

Hello all!

Bowie Brit car day is on June 27th @ 9:00AM in Bowie, MD.
Not sure of the exact location at this time.

Dan Dwelley
77 Midget
Alexandria, Va.

On Mon, 3 May 1999 09:49:20 EDT, wrote:

> Does any lister know the date of the annual British Car Day in Bowie, MD 
> outside of DC?  I seem to remember June 27th, but I can't find it posted 
> anywhere.  Also, where could I go for more info, such as exact location?
> Jay Donoghue
> 72B
> 66 Mustang

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