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Re: Help! My seat's too high!

Subject: Re: Help! My seat's too high!
From: Scott Fisher <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 10:42:36 -0700

The easy solution is simply to gain about 40 pounds.  Then you push the
seat down farther and can easily clear the steering wheel -- at least
with your legs.  Works for me.  :-)

Seriously -- a friend once had a similar problem with his late-model
Mustang which he was setting up for track days with the Shelby club.  He
needed an inch or so of clearance to fit while wearing a helmet.

He took the seat cover off, removed about an inch from the top of the
seat foam, then reinstalled the seat cover, using a little adhesive to
keep it smooth.  Looked stock, wore well, and gave him enough room to
wear his Snell 90 while wearing out his front tires and brake pads. :-)

 --Scott Fisher

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