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Re: 74 overdrive

Subject: Re: 74 overdrive
From: Tom McLaughlin <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 13:40:27 -0700 (PDT)
> Does anyone know if the solenoid should be audible
> when activated and is 14
> ohms a good resistance reading for this component?

This is one of the first repairs I had to do to my 77B (LH type
overdrive) when I got it 3 years ago.  I never checked the resistance
and don't believe you can here the solinoid when you engage it.  Mine
works fine now so here is what I did.  Crawl under the car and push a
safety pin through the wire going into the solenoid so you don't have
to cut it(great suggestion by somebody on this list).  Turn the
ignition switch on, flip the overdrive switch and see if you get 12V on
your safety pin.  I did not, traced the wiring and found that I had a
corroded connector, replaced it and all worked.  Also, since I had not
done it yet, I drained the tranny, and put new fluid in.  If the fluid
is low, the overdrive may not work.  While the fluid was out, I took
the solenoid out and made sure that it worked.  There is an o-ring on
it that I should have replaced, but didn't.  If you have it apart,
replace it.  Not sure, but sometimes I have when disengaging the
overdrive, I have to goose the accelerator to get it to drop out.  I
was thinking that it's because of that o-ring...but could be wrong.

I'd start with the electrics though.  I was told that was the problem
on the majority of these.  I hope others chime in as I am a big time
shadetree, weekend "mechanic".

By the way, some on the list will say why bother and that the overdrive
is not really worth it, start talking about gas milage, wear and tear,
what not.  I just didn't like it not working on my car so I fixed
it....with the help of the list of course.

77B (working overdrive...and the timing is actually correct now)

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