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Re: HELP - 74BGT wiring

To: Rick Brown <>
Subject: Re: HELP - 74BGT wiring
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 18:55:21 -0500

Rick Brown wrote:
> Does anyone know off hand of a common ground or terminal point for the
> turn signals, temperature and gas guages,  & right rear tail light for
> my daily driver  74 BGT? I keep loseing these components but they come
> back on after a little bumping around while driving.  They are all on
> now but they will surely go off again tomorrow at some point.  I have
> cleaned and reconnected the ground behind the license plate so dont
> think it is there. I have a feeling it is in the area of the fuse box
> but not really sure.  HELP!
> Thanks  Rick


Yes, all of those things are on the same fuse circuit - the key on
circuit, so if there is a ground anywhere in the system, they will all
go on and off simultaneously. It may be that the fuse connection is
starting to be corroded and intermittent, check that first.  I think
it's the bottom or second from the bottom fuse in the 4 fuse block.  I'd
go look but my son is out driving the car now.  I spent many hours
trying to sort out why none of those things worked in my 75 restoration
/ V8 conversion project (of course after the engine was in and running
did I realize the problem).  I have the entire circuit highlighted in my
shop manual, and I had to follow every circuit, test for voltage and
shorts with a multimeter, unplug things one at a time, before finally
determining that my tachometer power wire was hooked up to the spade
connector on the body of the unit instead of the insulated internals
(yes, I did it myself, I must confess - but jeez, it was out of the car
for 7 months and I'm terrible with electricity !!).  Once that was
connected correctly, everything worked. Good luck with the search.

Safety Fast,

Rick Huber
75 V8 B Daily Driver
65 B undergoing lengthy restoration.

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