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Parts in the UK

Subject: Parts in the UK
From: "Murch, Paul" <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 21:10:59 -0400

I'm one of the people who is a lurker.  I have been a member of the 
"list" on and off for 2 or 3 years, but work, school, wife, house, yard,  
drywall etc. etc. have kept me from participating much and less so 

Anyway, the aforementioned job is sending me to Europe.  First Rome, 
then Brussles and at my own request London (May 20th to the 23ed).  

Last time I departed from Brittan I surprised the customs people by 
having in my bags 1. Moto Lita wheel ($100), 2. a pair of swivel axles 
($45-50 each) 3. assorted small bushings etc (very cheap).  The customs 
guys had a good chuckle at my expense.  This time I would like to give 
them a good belly laugh.  I've been looking at some old issues of MG 
enthusiast (1998) where knock on mini light wheels are 130 pounds 
($860/4 vrs VB $1200), front Spax conversion $240 vrs $399 in VB.  

Any sugestions as to items that I could aquire in England that are rare 
on the state side of the pond?  I would apreciate it if any listers in 
the UK could suggest suppliers in the London area that would give me a 
fair price?  Events going on?  

Paul Murch
64 MGB

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