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Re: Control Box Ripoff (LONG rave)

Subject: Re: Control Box Ripoff (LONG rave)
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 06:26:57 EDT
On Tue, 04 May 1999 02:08:19 +0510 Eric Erickson <>
>Pardon this lengthy rave.... but I NEED to do this!
>OK, boys and girls... here is the latest installment of the trials and
>tribulations of "Lucky" Eric (yes, Scotty, start laughing now... you
>A beautiful autumn day, mid seventies and clear blue skies.  I have
>taken a day off work for some driving "instruction" through the hills 
>Adelaide (South Australia).  Wonderful fast winding roads through
>fantastic scenery.  The car has been running really well but this
>morning starts badly and runs sluggishly... darn!  I am hoping that 
>it warms up from the chilly night it will get its act together, but 
>she is lacking in power and feeling really strange.  60 miles out and 
>smell the dreaded 'bad eggs' sulphur smell of a boiling battery.  A
>quick stop at a friendly country garage shows that the battery is 
>bubbling and fuming... and is being charged at over 16 volts!
>I am also fuming as I have just spent a few hundred dollars on getting
>the voltage regulator (control box) replaced... along with half of my
>bulbs, lamp holders and switches that it burnt out just a couple of
>weeks earlier.  I limp back to the auto-electrician who did the work 
>indicate that they really should have a good hard look at their
>handiwork and FIX IT... PRONTO!  I have my instructor (who, as he
>should, charges an arm and a leg, and who is just sitting around
>drinking a cold drink and waiting for these guys to start moving their
>Here is the rub... yes the control box (4TR) is shot!  My last receipt
>shows that I paid $AU45 for a new one just two weeks ago... yet when I
>look at the unit it certainly doesn't look new (I was later told that
>they would have had a hard time finding a NEW 4TR unit).  They won't 
>me take the old unit away with me because they need to trade this
>'faulty' one for another from their supplier.   Guess what fellas... 
>only took me a few hours for the light to go on... but I think I was
>ripped off.  They 'graciously' replaced the faulty control box with
>another (cheaper) unit at no charge... but of course they would 
>I don't think they installed a new one that they charged me for in the
>first place.  And now I have a half boiled battery and a ruined day.
>Yes, I want to go and report them to some authorities... but they are
>family of one of the bosses at work (which is why I went to them) and
>have a good reputation around town.
>Should I 'front' them with my thoughts on this?  I am still feeling 
>p*ssed off at the moment... maybe I should cool down and think about 
>in the morning!  They have fixed the work and the car runs fine now,
>'68MGB MkII

My condolences for your latest problem Eric - but i must say i always
enjoy your posts,  it makes the world a little brighter to know some
other poor sod 10000 miles away is having the same problems we all get
from time to time - 
I think its a "let it go" situation - It's fixed now after all; have a
good long drive to clear your head, a cold beer to wash the dust off and
the love of a good woman if there happens to be one around... Its all
part of the MG experience!!

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
53 Riley 

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