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Needed - Ignition Switch Wiring

To: "'MG List'" <>
Subject: Needed - Ignition Switch Wiring
From: "Wakefield, Glenn" <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 04:53:48 -0700
After some diagnostics last night, it turns out that I am in need of the
wiring half of my ignition switch.  I don't need the whole switch, just the
left section that is held in with the two tiny set screws.  I need it for my
'73 B.  If anyone on the list could sell me one from their parts cars, it
would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply directly to my email address as
I am on the digest. 

Thanks in advance,


Charleston, SC

ps.  On a lighter note, when reinstalling an engine be sure you tighten the
fittings on the oil pressure line.   It is amazing how much oil can come out
of an 1/8" tubing fitting under 60 psi in about 3 seconds.

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