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RE: Long and short of it

Subject: RE: Long and short of it
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 11:10:11 -0700

        In common terminology a short block is the assembled; crank, rods,
pistons, oil pump, cam, timing components etc.  This may or may not include
an oil pan and side covers.  In some cases the front mounting plate and
timing components are not included.

        A long block is all of the above including a reconditioned head
assembly.  Again the rocker cover and or rocker assembly may not be

        It has nothing to do with the length of the block.  

        Each rebuilder is going to have a different definition, so it is
important to know specifically what will be included.

        A complete engine would normally be one set up with the correct
front and rear plate, rocker cover, water pump, side covers etc. for your
specific application.  This is getting more and more difficult as year
specific parts are getting harder to come by.

        Typically the more complete the engine, the better the warranty as
there is less for the installer to screw up.

Hope this helps.


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> what's the difference in a LONG and SHORT block engine?
> ancillaries mounted/not included? physical block length?
> ?????
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