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Re: BRAVO! Moss Motors

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Subject: Re: BRAVO! Moss Motors
From: "Pearson, Tim" <>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 12:58:06 +1000
Yeh Eric, know how you feel.
I've had (repeated) trouble with one supposed MG specialist here in Sydney -
problem is, the troubles they've given me have been things like duff re-co'd
parts - which you don't find out about for a year or so until the part fails
again, and you have a close look at it. My usual solution is to tell all and
sundry about the crap service - and also relate anywhere where I've had
really good experiences (with the car.....)
Good reputation unfortunately doen't necessarily follow - sometimes it
depends on which person in the company does the job. This is why 1 man shops
are good if you find a good one....
It can be very frustrating dealing with Consumer Affairs and actually trying
to get them to do anything....

66 B rdstr YGHN3-3238

Yes, I want to go and report them to some authorities... but they are
family of one of the bosses at work (which is why I went to them) and
have a good reputation around town.

Should I 'front' them with my thoughts on this?  I am still feeling very
p*ssed off at the moment... maybe I should cool down and think about it
in the morning!  They have fixed the work and the car runs fine now,



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