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Midget Sway Bar Locator Pairs?, and Valve definition

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Subject: Midget Sway Bar Locator Pairs?, and Valve definition
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 10:44:10 -0400
Hey folks.

Didn't have time to recheck that compression last night.  In fact,  I'm
pretty busy till next weekend :(.  Wedding this weekend :).

BUT,  Can you believe, I still have questions!

1:  I'm replacing the bushings on the front sway bar and noticed that the
two locators (stops) had different distances between them and the bushings.
The passenger side had 1/2 inch and the driver had 7/8".  And they were
positioned between the bushings vs the ouside as in Moss' catalog.  What is
the correct distance, and should they be affixed on the inside, outside, or
it doesn't matter?  And the replacements are the Prothane Poly with that
lubricant.  Does the lubricant go inside the center whole of the bushing
only, or all around them (inside and between the outside and the mounts)?
The rubber inside the balls on both links looks pretty dry as well.  Should
I replace those?

2:  What do they mean by a "burnt" valve?  Are pieces of it melted?  Or is
there simply a layer of caked on goop that interferes with the closing of
the valve.  And why would a lean mixture cause this?  How can you tell if a
valve is burnt without pulling the head?

and 3:  The Lower Prothane bushings package reads Midget till '74.  I didn't
think there was a difference from the '74 to the '78.  Is there a
compatibility problem?  Planning on getting these done next weekend.

Oh so many questions......

'78 Midget 1500
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