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Re: soft top installation

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Subject: Re: soft top installation
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 18:14:36 -0500
I would only add that it would be helpful to have another person help you
when it comes time to glue the front part of the top to the header bar. The
rest of the procedure can easily be done with 2 hands. I used Porter's book
as a reference too, in addition to the directions provided by Prestige Auto
Trim! ;) The only problem I had was getting the two front corners on the
header bar snug, which created a couple of creases above the windows, other
than that, my one-man, novice DIY job is snug and very water-tight.
Also, I used sheet metal screws rather than pop rivets -- they work just
fine and don't make any boo boos or eventual shrinkage so permanent. No one
will know you used screws rather than rivets unless they pry up your weather

73 B

>I just finished installing a top on my '71.  I couldn't have done it
>the step by step instructions in Lindsey Porter's, MGB: Purchase and
>restoration guide. It's a Haynes publication, ISBN 0 85429 664 6. I found
>that it's not as tricky as the directions would have you believe, but it's
>definitely a two person job.  The worst part was getting the old glue off.
>Mineral spirits will help.
>Two things I learned.  Porter doesn't specify what kind of glue or what
>pop rivets.  I used Pernatex Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive which worked
>very well.  For mine the right size pop rivets is 5/32" (4mm) by 1/2"
> They're probably the same on yours.
>I hope this helps.  Good luck!
>Peter (B) Morris

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