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Re:rear tube shock conversion

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Subject: Re:rear tube shock conversion
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 22:15:39 EDT
Gary wrote:

Have any of you done this conversion to a RBB?


Gary (rebushed front end today - nicer ride now)

Yes Gary, I did a rear (and front) telescopic shock conversion on my 79 B 
last winter.  The difference in ride ( including lower chrome 
bumper height)
is amazing....the car handles much much better.  A little rougher ride ( 
harder)........but no more bump steer.  Highly recommended.  By the way ...I 
did the Spax shocks, adjustable up front........set to 7.........and Monroes 
in the rear (budget issues)

Nels Ferré
79 MGB

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