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Re: Timing Light

To: "Enrique Claure" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Timing Light
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 14:19:27 +1000

>Hi List, I am about to buy a timing light and would like a top end model.
>Any recommendation? Enrique

I'd get one with a built in tach/dwell meter. I bought mine without and
regretted it, buying a auto type multimeter instead (well ok I needed one of
those as well).

Opticon was the brand I bought - German. Not sure if you can get it in the
US but very nice. Prob $120USD for the fancy one, around $75 USD for the std
one... but who knows, things like that are much cheaper over your side of
the pond.

Neil Cotty - Sydney, Australia
1970 MG B GT        / 1961 MG A 1600 Mk1 / 1956 AH 100 BN2
GHD5UA200702G /  YGHN2 100102-1399 / BN2L-232789

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