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Re: MGB Electronic Ignition

To: "Matt Pringle" <>, <>
Subject: Re: MGB Electronic Ignition
From: "Carl Elliott" <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 16:59:45 -0400
There are several units that fit into the distributor for around $ 100.00
They replace the points. Quick and easy. There are several parts
distributors on the list also whom will save you some money and are LBC
owners.Also get a catalog from the Roadster Factory 800-234-1104 And a good
Magazine with a good number of sources for parts is British Car Mag. at
650-949-9685  Good Luck and Welcome to the
British car Addiction   Carl E.
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From: Matt Pringle <>
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Date: Thursday, May 06, 1999 2:55 PM
Subject: MGB Electronic Ignition

>Hello All,
>I'm new to the group because I don't even own an MG yet.  But I'm
>looking and I think I found my baby ('76 MGB).
>Anyway, I'm trying to put a list together of the things I'd like to
>change right away to try and make the car a little more reliable. First
>on my list is the distributer. My lone source of info is Moss because
>they have a complete set of catalogues on line.  I noticed that they
>sell an electronic ignition distributer for the Midget but not the MGB.
>Being 27, I think points are what you get when you get caught doing 125
>in an 80 zone (yes I'm Canadian), I'd like to replace the stock
>distributer with an E.I. unit.
>Is there one and how much can I expect to pay?  Also, what would be on
>your "make-it-as-reliable-as-possible (MIARAP)" list?

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