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RE: Engine equalizer thingameebob

Subject: RE: Engine equalizer thingameebob
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 10:36:28 EDT
          For what it's worth,, I have had one for over a year now, and 
though I felt quite silly walking around PepBoys with it in my hand, Let 
alone, have someone who knows me see me sticking it in my trunk. But I am a 
firm believer in them now. I have done about 4 engine change since the 
purchase of it, and wonder why I would ever go back to the switch the link 
thing again. All that is nessary when buying one is to make sure the worm 
gear is heavy duty. Not a cheap piece of threaded rod. 

My Two Cents
Jim Brucato
!980 MGB V8,,,,,,,, Going to Carlisle,,, and maybe even Vancouver,MG99
1964 MGB,,,,,has served me well,, my first B,, sleeping in NJ

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