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Re: Calling all Aussies.. <G>

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Subject: Re: Calling all Aussies.. <G>
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Sat, 08 May 1999 01:36:24 +0510
Neil Cotty wrote:
> Can the Aussies on the list relate what brand/model of tyre you're 
> using on your car. I need some new ones for my A and the only ones I 
> can find (quality) are Michelin MX 165/15. Is there another brand 
> available here?
> There is apparently nothing by Dunlop/Bridgestone/Pirelli etc etc. I 
> find this pretty hard to believe..


So what is your problem with "Dunlop/Bridgestone/Pirelli"?

Hey, when I was trying to work out what SIZE tyre I wanted to put on the
'B, I decided to try a cheaper brand first before lashing out many bucks
more in case I changed my mind.  As it is I feel I got the size right
and the tyres themselves seem like they are doing the job (keeping the
wheel rims off the bitumen and stopping me going forwards or sideways at
the appropriate times).

I may soon choose to outlay the extra money for good 'brand name' tyres
and keep these as spares but for the moment I am really giving my tyres
a bit of a thrashing and feel less concerned about cutting so many miles
of these than any expensive ones.  They are holding together really

What have I got?   Australian made... POS-A-TRACTION P175/75R14 86S

Hated them at first but careful attention to tyre pressure means I am
comfortable with these and the 175 size (after original 165s) now.

Looking around, there doesn't seem to be too much variety and most of
the 'brand name' tyres appear much of a muchness.

My $AU0.01 worth


PS Yes, the tyres are the main things hanging together on this car at
the moment :-)

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