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Engine Advice

Subject: Engine Advice
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 12:46:30 -0500
Hello List,

Since my last post where I was looking at a '79 MGB to purchase, I have
become the proud owner of the car.  In my diagnosis of the car's
condition there was one low cylinder, and backfiring.  I took some
mechanically knowledgeable friends along to look at the car with me, but
they were not up on the MG in particular.  The diagnosis of the low
cylinder was a valve problem, as the compression did not rise when we put
oil in the cylinder.

A week later I took the car to a shop which does MG work for a general
inspection of the car to see what the condition of the car was in
reference to Mg type things (suspension and other quirks).  They said the
car was in very good shape with the exception of some minor items, and
the engine.  Their tests indicated that it was a lower engine problem
causing the low compression.  Bummer!

Now, where can I find some resources for perhaps a short block, or long
block to get the car back on the road?  I was interested in doing some
work with the car, but having to overhaul the engine is a little much. 
Not being to up on mechanical things, my friends will be of a lot of
help, and this list too.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Steve Piepenbrink

'79 MGB Only running on 3, but a nice sunny Yellow!

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