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Automotive Miscegenation

Subject: Automotive Miscegenation
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 15:54:55 EDT
<<I've had a recent idea to build my own car, and I was planning to
put an American V8 (not sure which) on an MGA chassis, retaining the MG
suspension, steering, and interior, and then building my own Morgan-style
bodywork.  I remember hearing about a kit to swap a Chevy 283 V8 into an
MGA.  Does anyone have info on this kit??
Also, I was wondering if it is possible to put 1975-80 MGB brakes into
the MGA.  Help anyone?  Don't worry, I don't plan on using my own car for
this.  I'd try to find one that has a rusted out body, etc. >>

I'd advise that you stop eating large pizzas before bed - they obviously give 
you nightmares!

If you really must butcher a poor unsuspecting MGA (why not an MGB - there 
are tons of them around and no one will miss one!),  the V8 route is 
difficult. The supports from the firewall to just behind the front suspension 
are important structural members that are hard to get exhaust around, 
although I have seen it done (carefully) with a small block Chev. I have also 
seen these cut out, and wouldn't want to be in the car when it breaks in 
half!  I saw a TR3 with a Chev in it where the tops of the wheels just kept 
getting closer and closer together....

Consider a 60 degree V6 instead. I am familiar with the Pontiac - Chev 2.8, 
3.1, 3.4 engine as I have one in my Fiero, and it fits quite easily. The 
block is the same length as the A is!  Stock horsepower on the later ones is 
160, and you can go much higher (I have about 300, and the 3.4 turboed can 
put out around 350, with even more potential for the DOHC version, though I 
don't know if that one fits an A easily).

The B front end is easy to graft on, and Camaro discs are also possible. 
Why not do it to a Healey - at least there is a long tradition there, and no 
shortage of space in the engine bay!

Bill S.

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