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Subject: tyres
From: "Pearson, Tim" <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 09:47:47 +1000
Heya Neil,
Just got new tyres on my B last Tuesday. Got Michelin MX 165/14. Couldn't
get anything else in that size, but the B had those on before, and I was
pretty happy with them. Maybe they don't grip as well as 185/70's, but they
give you a nice ride/handling compromise without stuffing the 60's feel. I
guess one of the reasons you see a lot of A's and B's here with 175/70's or
185's is that there's bugger all choice in the 165's. And apparently it's
almost impossible to get 155's.
Incidentaly, Tyrepower in Crows Nest has actually got someone their (the
manager) who knows what he's doing with wire wheels. Gave me the full
lowdown. He cleaned the wheels, re-taped them correctly, new tubes; the lot.
And didn't charge me the earth.

66 B rdstr YGHN3-3238

Can the Aussies on the list relate what brand/model of tyre you're using on
your car. 

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