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To: <>, Jeremy Anthony Kinsey <>
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 08:47:34 -0400
You know, I hate to ask this but can you turn the engine by hand ?
Have you tried putting a socket on the crank bolt and turning the engine by 
hand ? If you can move it by hand then it's possible that it is seized. Some 
engines are more prone to rust seizing than others, but under the right 
conditions they all will lock up from time to time. I really hope this isn't 
your situation, but if it is then a rebuild is needed.

>===== Original Message From Jeremy Anthony Kinsey <> =====
>Ok, after 5 years we have our B just about there.. I cannot get the
>engine to turn over.  It ran last about 4 years ago and only has 17k
>miles after the rebuild.  I am wondering if half the junk that I took off
>and have put back on (electrical system) has a fault some where?  I have
>power on the starter (via my handy little test light) and when I turn the
>key, I don't even here a click out of the starter.  Is there something I
>am missing relavant to allowing this car to start?  I have it out of gear
>and pushed in the clutch.. I am wondering if this problem is related to
>the fact that in the early 70's a lot of cars had that "seat
>belt/starter" thing???  If this is the case, is there a way to bypass
>Anyway, this is a 74 1/2 MGB.
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