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Subject: insurance
From: David Councill <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:36:03 -0600
For you multicar owners, I have an insurance question. Do you insure all
your cars through one company or is there a benefit to splitting them up?

One of the final steps to putting my 67BGT on the road is insurance. My
insurance company already gives me a 15% multicar discount for the four
cars already insured. 

But due to a recent accident that my son had from another person's vehicle,
I have had to put in a claim to my insurance company for medical coverage.
Their policy covered $1000 medical, mine is $5k but I'm paying on each car
nearly the full cost of separate policies(even though my wife and I can
only be driving one car each at a time). So now I'm faced with the question
- is the $5k medical covered by all four cars (or $20k total) or will they
only honor the $5k. This doesn't count the "underinsured motorist"
coverage. (my son's bills are already up to 112k so I'll find out
eventually anyway).

Naturally, if its the latter, then it would be prudent to insure my cars
with different insurance companies at a slightly higher cost.

Any lawyers with the answer to this one? Or experiences from you multi-car

67 BGT
71 BGT
74 Toyota Landcruiser
92 Ford Explorer
and the wife's car 96 Ford Taurus

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