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Buying a "B"

To: "" <>
Subject: Buying a "B"
From: Matt Pringle <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 14:23:25 -0400
Hi there.

I'm trying to buy my first classic car and I'm looking for a B.  I
really like the chrome bumpered ones and I especially like the better
horsepower in the pre-emmission years.  I've read a few sources on
looking the car over and I went and looked at my first one on the
weekend.  I wanted to buy it right there for the following reasons.


Body and sills seemed solid (fresh paint though, I gave it a yellow

Oil pressure was 65 at 3000.

No blue smoke.

No clunking from the suspension.

Top, tonneu, hardtop all in great shape.

2 owners, repair records kept from day 1.  An appraisal was made by an
"expert" that details the car.  Original engine.  103 000 original

$3000 US.

I'm looking at another this week but I'm really tempted to go for this
one.  Is it too early?  Should I look at a dozen?  Is it too good to be



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