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Re: Buying a "B" or my car wont start! -- the continuing saga

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Subject: Re: Buying a "B" or my car wont start! -- the continuing saga
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Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 20:23:48 -0400
Got a basket case BGT 2years ago, Rebuilt everything. It had been an
everyday driver for 103000 miles. Not rotted, But some body damage from
accidents. Showed it for the first time Saturday in a hotrod show and took
home a nice prize. LBCs are what you are willing to put into them, Cost to
me ? I will never add it up, Time  2 years hard work, Loved every second of
it. Now I am driving it and having the time of my life.
Carl E.
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Date: Monday, May 10, 1999 3:25 PM
Subject: Re: Buying a "B" or my car wont start! -- the continuing saga

>Let me tell you a story of my MGB purchase and then you can make a
>I bought a 1977 MGB. No rust appeared on the sills or the other parts of
>body. I was told it was the second owner and he had all the records,
>one for a rebuild. Oil pressure was 60# at 3000 rpm, no smoke, no clunk on
>test drive sounded great. I had the car inspected by a mechanic who said
>mechanicals were in good shape. Eureka -- the perfect car, the year I
wanted in
>the color I origianlly looked at!
> So I plunked down the cash, paid the ticket, and started an odassey that
>hasn't ended yet.I found a body shop that was "willing" to strip and
>the original color, install a new top and re-do the interior. Finding a
>shop that was willing to re-paint a MGB properly was nearly impossible. I
>to 7 different body shops. I wasn't willing to have Maaco do it and peel a
>weeks later as this was always my dream car.  The shop agreed to charge a
>resonable price to strip and paint. Since the engine appeared good-- I went
>it. First came the hidden bondo. That was repaired with a new welded piece
>$200 to the agreed price. Nine months later, after screaming and yelling
that I
>could have carried the car to term, it was returned to me. She looks brand
>spanking new and extemely pretty.
> So I drove the car out of the shop, to have a new inspection sticker
>affixed to the windshield, new also. (Why not since the car was stripped
and it
>was only a couple hundered bucks more?) This started a saga that to my
>doesnt seem to end. I couldn't find insurance that covers collision and
>replacement, except for collectors insurance -- and then I won't be allowed
>drive it as much as I want.
> Next, the car wouldn't pass emissions! So I add another $300 for repairs
>to pass emissions. Without the sticker for the next two years I woouldn't
>able to drive it at all.  One hundred fifty miles later the car wont start.
>spark! So I go to the workshop manual, Hayes, Chilton ( another $100) and
>the tests. First it appears the coil is bad. Replace the coil. $34, test
>and the amplifier is replaced: $130. Still wont start. Next fully
frustrated, I
>call the local MG club for mechanic reccomendations; I have the car towed
>now am told to replace the whole electronic dizzy with points (How much I
>no idea.) In addition, I am told that there are other major engine repairs
>necessary (As my I have visions of my retirement account depleting, I curse
>Previous Owner) Nevertheless, I would do it again: but beware of the
>DAMN PREVIOUS OWNER! Now I know what DPO means.
>On Mon, 10 May 1999, Matt Pringle <> wrote:
>>Hi there.
>>I'm trying to buy my first classic car and I'm looking for a B.  I
>>really like the chrome bumpered ones and I especially like the better
>>horsepower in the pre-emmission years.  I've read a few sources on
>>looking the car over and I went and looked at my first one on the
>>weekend.  I wanted to buy it right there for the following reasons.
>>Body and sills seemed solid (fresh paint though, I gave it a yellow
>>Oil pressure was 65 at 3000.
>>No blue smoke.
>>No clunking from the suspension.
>>Top, tonneu, hardtop all in great shape.
>>2 owners, repair records kept from day 1.  An appraisal was made by an
>>"expert" that details the car.  Original engine.  103 000 original
>>$3000 US.
>>I'm looking at another this week but I'm really tempted to go for this
>>one.  Is it too early?  Should I look at a dozen?  Is it too good to be

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