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Re: Valve adjuster lock washers.

To: Eric Zambori <>
Subject: Re: Valve adjuster lock washers.
From: "William M. Gilroy" <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 23:16:07 -0400

Eric Zambori wrote:
> The solution to the lack of Turn Signal usage is a simple one.  All that
> the car manufacturers need to do is to add a temperature sensor to the
> Turn Signal stalk so the Cell Phone will only  operate if the Turn
> Signal stalk is still warm from the touch within the last five minutes.
> Even on the highway, people change lanes frequently enough so that five
> minutes would be an adequate setting.  You do all use your Turn Signal
> switch for lane changes don't you?

Here in Zoo Jersey using your turn signals is a sign of weakness.  On
highways it is the law of the jungle.  When ever one animal senses a 
weakness in another they move in for the kill.  Signals just tells the 
other drivers that you are weak and they will immediately speed up to fill
the gap that you just signaled to move into.  After  this happens enough
you realize the turn signals should be optional, and only shipped to 
cars in the Midwest where the drivers are more civil.  I just rip my 
turn signal stalks off and throw them at the guy who just filled the
gap. Guns and ammo are optional on Jersey highways, but I hear that
they are standard equipment on all cars in LA county.  LBC content:
my turn signal stalks were so gummed up that I had to remove it to clean
them.  They now work but what use they are is still an open question.

Bill Gilroy
77 Midget
90 Shar-Pei

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