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Clutch diagnosis

Subject: Clutch diagnosis
From: Carl French <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 06:21:35 -0400
My 67 Mk1 has a that shows up almost exclusively on hill starts of
various grades. I will go to shift and it is like I have totally lost my
clutch. If I wait or pump the clutch a few times then I am fine. Also it
seems like it takes longer than it should to actually get into the next
gear after getting of the clutch during just regular driving. I do not
know if it is related. I have a multi day tour forty days from know and
want to clear up probs before the honeymoon :-)
When I asked my mechanic about it last season he said he felt that it
was a sticking piston at the MC and was not too worried about it
(idiosyncratic behavior).

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