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Tonneaus was RE: tops...who's best

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Subject: Tonneaus was RE: tops...who's best
From: John Steczkowski <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 08:16:43 -0500
Does anyway know of a place that makes Tonneaus (sp?)? I'd like to have an
autumn leaf colored one made to match my interior. I guess I could go to
some custom upholstery place in town, but then that's a crap-shoot as to
whether it will look good and last.

John Steczkowski
Director, Server I/O
Crossroads Systems, Inc.

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> Subject: Re: tops...who's best
> I can't vouch for the differences between the "big three" -- 
> maybe the more
> experienced on the list can give your survey a whirl.
> I WILL tell you that I bought a top from Prestige Auto Trim at
> 1-800-659-2649 (others on the list have too) with which I'm 
> quite pleased.
> It cost me $189 US including shipping for a zipper window 
> vinyl top and got
> to me in less than a week here in Kentucky.
> The fit is good and all of the Lift-the-Dot fasteners and stuff are
> pre-installed. Basically you just have to glue the front flap 
> to the header
> bar and then fasten the trim strip (easier said than done, of course)
> Cloth is twice the price, but I imagine it's a lot harder to 
> clean than
> vinyl, and I wouldn't DREAM of getting a light-colored cloth 
> top! My windows
> fogged up from being under a cover outside over the winter, 
> but a some Blue
> Magic plastic cleaner cleared them up nicely.
> Just my $.02, YMMV, etc, of course.
> Dan
> 73 B
> >Robbins, Tickford, and Crown all make convertable tops...
> >I need opinions from the masses...
> >irrespective of price and source...
> >Who
> >... make the best top?   R  T  C  (pick one)
> >... has the best quality ?   R  T  C  (pick one)
> >... windows last the longest before fogging over?   R  T  C  
> (pick one)
> >... best fit?   R  T  C  (pick one)
> >... best price for the quality?   R  T  C  (pick one).
> >... best quality?   R  T  C  (pick one)
> >... which looks better ..cloth, vinyl?
> >... which last longer?  ..cloth, vinyl?
> >
> >Paul Tegler
> >email:
> >

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