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Re: TD high revs

To: Steven Tritle <>,
Subject: Re: TD high revs
From: Steven Tritle <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 20:45:48 -0400
Solved my problem. After further inspecting the carbs I found the front
carb was drawing air at 5 times the rate of the rear. My Unisyn came to the
rescue. I have no idea how the adjustment on the throttle shaft allowed the
situation. After re-syncing the carbs and tightening the the clamp on the
throttle shaft all is well again. Perhaps the throttle return spring's
tightness and probable loosening of the clamp on the shaft contributed to
the problem. I have been driving the car for 4 years and never had this
happen befor. Always a first time.



Steven Tritle wrote:

> The TD has been running great. I went for a run last night and all was
> well. I started her up today and it idled at 2000RPMS. It usually idles
> at 800-900RPMS. I thought some dirt might have lodged in the carb but
> not to be. what would cause this? The car has been perfect since the
> fall. I have been running it often since March.
> Steve 52 TD

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