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Subject: Re: weight
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:40:53 -0700
Now that I've dislodged the 0.09 cwt of my cat, I can report that R&T's 
July 1968 test listed the curb weight of the new all-synchro MGB as 2220 
lbs and the test weight as 2590. I believe R&T test weights include the 
driver and a passenger.

For comparison, the original Nov. 1962 test listed 2080/2400, and the 
final 1980 test listed 2335/2505 for the RBB, which goes to show that the 
weight, at least, didn't vary much over the course of production. Your 
choice of passengers, it seems, is more critical
than your choice of model, weight-wise...

wizardz had this to say:

>anyone know the curb wieght of an MGB....other than the 18.2 cwt
>...come on now.. who uses '100 stone wieght measurements anymore?
>late's have it in pounds people!
>Paul Tegler
>1973 BGT
>North of Annapolis, South of Baltimore


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