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From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 18:55:33 EDT
  It's simple and straight, but incorrect.  The "hundredweight" has 112
pounds to it in the UK. In the US, it's 100 lbs, and we call the 112 lb
hundredweight a "long hundredweight".   Our 100 lb hundredweight is known
as the "short hundredweight".  
That's part of the beauty of it all, when weights are described as long
or short, and people are weighed in stones.  There are also long and
short tons of 2000 lbs or 2240 lbs (20 long hundreweight). 
  If we were to capitulate to simplicity, we would lose some wonderful
measurements, furlongs per fortnight, for example.
  I, for one, am happy that the US has not (yet) joined in the rush to
metrification in our weights and measures.  We were, however, among the
first to have a decimal based currency.

On Thu, 13 May 1999 13:16:02 -0400 "wizardz" <>
>Thanks for the simple.. straight answer James
>Paul Tegler
>1973 BGT
>North of Annapolis, South of Baltimore
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>From: James <>
>To: wizardz <>
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>Date: Thursday, May 13, 1999 2:01 PM
>Subject: Re: 
>If I did my math correct it is 1820 lbs.
>cwt  -> kg 45.36
>lb -> kg .4536
>hmmm 18.2 cwt....1820 that correct?
>wizardz wrote:
>> anyone know the curb wieght of an MGB....other than the 18.2 cwt
>> spec?
>> ...come on now.. who uses '100 stone wieght measurements anymore?
>> late's have it in pounds people!
>> Paul Tegler
>> 1973 BGT
>> North of Annapolis, South of Baltimore
>> email:

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