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Geat Drive (Long)

Subject: Geat Drive (Long)
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 16:13:58 +1000
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     As I stated in an earlier post, I Have just come back from a great
long blast in the B.  I Took Monday of as an RDO, so the SO and I decided
to visit her father who is working down at Port Campbel.  This is
approximately 200 Miles From Home.  So Saturday dawned a pleasant but not
hot day, so we rugged up in coats and scarves stowed the roof in the
boot,(Trunk Whatever!) and headed down.

     Now there is two ways to go down the coast , The highway and one of
the best driving roads in the country, The Great Ocean Road, (Eric will
agree with me there, I
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?m sure).  This road travels the coast, most of the
time the road has been carved out of the side of the cliff face, so on =
side of the road you have a cliff going straight up, and on the other s=
you have either a cliff dropping to waves braking over  rocks below or
waves braking on the cliff face even so the road was smooth and fairly =
in most places.  SO described it as like driving the edge of a Norwegia=
Fiord, looking at a map I?ve got to agree.  What road did I Choose ???.=

Nothing in it. As I was passenger for half the way down (She pulled ran=
I Got to see the spectacular scenery, with waves braking so close you c=
feel the spray while still in the car.  Weather wasn?t hot, but the roo=
stayed in the boot the whole way down. We swapped drivers half way down=
the grin on the SO?s face was getting ridiculous.  The second half of t=
road travels through the Otway Ranges,  This is a beautiful mountainous=
rain forest area, and amazing contrast  as you clime from the coastline=

into a rainforest.  More great wide, twisting roads.  The car sat on a =
70 MPH most of the way through this section. Ran like a dream all the w=
down, no LBC sightings, but 2 BMW?s and numerous MX5?s and Capris, as u=
roofs up.

     Sunday dawned grey, overcast and drizzle (MG felt at home I guess =
.  Put up the roof and meandered around the country side, weather check=
out the local antique stores and other tourist traps.  Some good drivin=
saw and F and one other B, that was virtually a twin of ours, the B dri=
wasn?t around so didn?t get to talk, and the F driver didn?t want to ta=
More looking at the spectacular coastline, If I had a website I would l=
at scanning a couple of pictures and posting them.

     Monday came round cool morning but no rain, Woo Hoo.  Off came the=

roof, on goes the scarf, coat, Ect.  Back home the same route.  SO drov=
the first shift.  And half way up the mountain the car started to play-=
it coughed and spluttered it backfired and on the flat could only get 5=
MPH out of it. Looks like it was dirty fuel, as an in-line filter seeme=
d to
fix the problem.  It ran like a dream after I fitted the filter, but yo=
never know so it is going in for a good service and general pampering a=
the local specialist tonight.



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