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Re: Midget front bushings

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Subject: Re: Midget front bushings
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Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 08:51:11 -0400
easiest method I know....
remove only two of the bolts that hold in lower spring
support plate on the lower a-arm.
replace them with two 4-6" fully threaded long bolts 
run the nuts all the way up
remove the other two bolts
evenly..alternating... remove the two nuts on the long bolts
(obviously you want the vehicle jacked up and blocked appropriately
with the suspension at full extension)
going back on is alittle rougher this way as threading the long bolts will
take some effort.
you can use your jack (now that the car is on blocks) to help compress
the spring a little at a time as you thread up the long bolts
once up... install the remaining two stock bolts.. rmove the long ones
and install the last two.

... be careful but this technique does work well. one last safety precaution,, you can tie rope around the coils tightly
(multiple layers) this will lessen the extension of the spring
limiting the overall distance you must work with threading/unthreading
the long bolts. use grade 5 or 8 bolts.

$.02 worth    YMMV's your choice... no obligations... etc etc etc.

Paul Tegler
1973 BGT

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Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 9:03 AM
Subject: Midget front bushings

Am hoping to replace the lower and upper bushings on Molly, the '79
Midget 1500, this weekend.  Scanned my Haynes for instructions on
compressing the spring, and it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. 
Maybe I need to be looking at the car when I'm reading it, but can anyone
offer a more comprehensive set of instructions?

Other tips, name calling, and finger pointing will also be cheerfully

Council Bluffs, Iowa

'74.5 RB MGB "Miss Maggie"
'78 Chevy Half-Ton "Waltzin' Matilda"  (LBC Support Vehicle)
'79 Midget "Miss Molly"  or

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