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Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 10:09:50 -0400
DOT -> Department Of Transportation?

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Actually, the interesting piece of news on this page is the requirement for 
all new cars sold in Japan to meet US safety requirements. While that 
economy isn't quite the driving force it was a couple of years ago, it's 
still a big market. If this is true, it might make the people who make MGFs 
and Elises and TVRs (and some of the interesting concepts that floated at 
Geneva) re-think staying out of the US market. Even if they don't sell 
officially here, it would make bringing them in much more feasible. The guy 
who modifies Morgans for the US market says that EPA is a lot easier to 
comply with than DOT.

Phil Vanner
we can always hope.

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Insiders at Rover have indicated that the successor to the MGF - the MGH -
could be built in the USA based on BMW's M3 platform. BMW are keen to
re-establish MG as a marque in the USA.


Typically nothing we already didn't know...

Kai Radicke --
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