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From: "Steve Conley" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 20:22:09 -0700
More info might help...but as far as the speedo is concerned. First check
the cable to see if it turns OK.  If it turns, have someone help you to see
if the speedo moves when the cable turns (might have to try both
directions...I can't remember which way to turn!).  If speedo responds, then
it's probably not the culprit.  You didn't say what year or model so I'll
give you the story of my speedo.  I have a '76 Roadster (non O/D) and the
culprit when my speedo died was the right angle drive which connects the
cable to the tranny.  This is an $80 part to replace.  On the advice of the
list, I replaced it with a new speedo cable from a '68-74 O/D which is
longer and attached it directly to the tranny ($20) This is what I call the
perfect better and costs less!

Steve Conley
Marysville, WA  USA
'76 MGB Roadster
MGB Online =

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My speedometer isn't working, so I gauge my
speed by the tach... but my tach is really jumpy.  It seems to be
just the instrument itself and not the engine making it jump.  Now,
how can this be fixed... is the problem within the instruments, or
something else?  Thanks.

70 B

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