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Re: Refitting Windscreen, 77B

To: Allen Shaffer <>
Subject: Re: Refitting Windscreen, 77B
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 07:23:18 -0500

Allen Shaffer wrote:

> Got a good windscreen to replace my cracked one... took my old one off with
> no trouble. Cleaned everything, put on some sealant, checked everything to
> see that there were no "high places" or other troubles with any of the
> seals...
> but now, the 4 underdash mounting holes don't quite line up with the threads
> in the "ears" that go into the body, no matter what I do.
> Thanks much,
> Allen and Marian

    --The last time I did this, it took 2 people.  As I remember, I put in the
top bolts about 1/2 way in.  So far, so good!  Then I sat and pondered the
situation w/ a couple of cold beers.  Finally, I got up enough nerve to pull
down on the middle of the top of the frame assembly.  Let me try that again.
While you are standing on the seats, grab the top of the frame on either side of
the rear view mirror.  Pull in and down (lots!) while a very understanding wife
puts the bottom bolts in.
    Some folks don't worry about the frame to body seal until the bolts are in.
Some roll it out almost like it should be and duct tape it to the windshield.  I
prefer the latter method.
    The tip for the day:  When you get to the tool throwing stage, go watch TV
or something.  Try again tomorrow.


Larry Dickstein
Lone Jack, MO

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