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1980 MGB LE - Stripe Installation

Subject: 1980 MGB LE - Stripe Installation
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 12:38:24 -0300
G'day All!!

I have now completed the MGB LE's exterior and it is time to install the
stripes which I bought from Moss.  AS recommended I will wash the panels
with Dupont Cleans-all 

I have lost my notes from the dismantling phase of the project.

Can someone provide me with dimensions on where the stripe should be
located; say from the top pf the rocker or bottom of the door or some
other reference point(s)?

These are stripes which have the adhesive already activitated so it is
necessary to remove only the backing paper.  I have never worked with
these before.

So I need advice re location of the stripes and pitfalls and tips that
reflect the experience of others.


Our newly painted 80 MGB LE is on the road and our 62 MGA 1600 MK II needs
some work Betti Ann and Preston Smith in the Head of St Margaret's Bay,
Nova Scotia, Canada. email:

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